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• Rittal CM Configurator :

The new compact system enclosures Rittal CM combine the case benefits of the AE compact enclosure with the installation diversity of the Top enclosure system TS 8. This symbiosis creates infinite possibilities in the compact class. The Rittal Compact Medium is an attractive alternative to larger enclosures in the AE series, and replaces the old AK series
Rittal CM Configurator
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Rittal has updated its online sub-rack configurator so it is no longer limited to only those units shown in the catalogue and includes all sub-racks possible from the parts in the product range. Almost 1,000 different combinations are available for merging into a printable bill of materials, which can be submitted directly for a quotation. In addition to the expansion in sub-racks, more of the accessories have also been included.
For example, it is possible to configure a complete system with mounting for horizontal boards in a minimal height sub-rack - a suitable solution where only two or three 6U boards are required to fit in a limited space. The configurator also allows the inclusion of different mounting options for either rack-mount or desktop, optional covers to direct airflow or for protection, with many other variations.
It is available free at Rittal's website and includes a section on the Vario-Module instrument case, which is a smart desktop unit and utilises most of the accessories from the Ripac sub-rack range. For a view of all the available parts in the range, the 'Electronics' CD is also available.
Product portfolio :
* Enclosure climate control
- TopTherm-Plus cooling units
- Air/water heat exchangers
- Air/air heat exchangers
- Air/air heat exchangers for rail technology
- Fan-and-filter units
- Direct Cooling Package
- Climate control tailored to enclosures
- Heaters
- Accessories
* Process and machine cooling
- Recooling systems
- Water/Water heat exchangers
* IT cooling
- Cooling
Rittal System Climate Control
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Applications :
Technology :
Throughout all sectors of modern companies, efficiency is closely related to climate control. This applies equally to the cooling of IT systems and production control,regardless of whether the ambient conditions are clean or polluted with heat and dust. Rittal offers a range of standardised climate control concepts to meet even extreme requirements.
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» Cool Efficiency
» Climate control with CO2
» Direct Cooling Plate
» Peltier cooling
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