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• Rittal Industrial Enclosures :

Product Portfolio :
Rittal Industrial Enclosures
» Small enclosures
» Compact enclosures
» Enclosure systems
» Stainless steel enclosures
» Ex/EMC enclosures
» Human / machine
» Hygienic Design
» Modular enclosure technology
Accessories :
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Rittal has a comprehensive range of packaging technology elements for the factory of the future. Even in the toughest ambient conditions. Current examples include: Compact, secure technologies for Industrial Ethernet, enabling simple modifications to production procedures. Modular enclosure technology is advantageous in terms of the rapid assembly and adaptation of controllers. At the human/machine interface, your ergonomic requirements are precisely realised with the Command Panel and Industrial Workstations. High-quality products + matching accessories + modular assembly  = perfect solutions at an inexpensive price.
Technology :
Faster, better, more efficient – this is our motto in particular when adapting enclosures to individual requirements. Your maximum benefit is ensured by innovative technologies and service worldwide.
» Coating systems & Nanoceramic coating
» Production sites
» Subsidiaries and agencies
Applications :
Rittal's products are as versatile as our customers' requirements. Ergonomics, combination diversity, hygiene, security, environmental protection, energy efficiency and reduced costs – Rittal has combined all these application benefits into a new concept: Total Benefit of Usership (TBU)! Using Rittal system solutions ensures maximum benefits for the users of modern packaging for industrial controllers.
When it comes to future-oriented solutions for modern low-voltage power distribution, you are most definitely on the right track with Rittal busbar systems.
Take this example showing the cross-section of a power circuit-breaker panel with main busbar system, cable connection system and connection kits.
Achieved with Rittal Maxi-PLS, the modular system for optimum fast assembly.
- RiLine components
- Power distribution systems Ri4Power
When it comes to future-oriented solutions for modern low-voltage power distribution, you are most definitely on the right track with Rittal busbar systems.Rittal offers system solutions for virtually any application.» Process industry
» Industrial plants
» Buildings + infrastructure
» Energy generation
» Data centres
For us, customer orientation is not enough. We place the customer at the heart of everything we do. This means being close at hand for our customers. It also means quality in the form of fast service. But for us, customer proximity is more than just a local presence: We see it as a continuous exchange with our customers, working as partners to identify common objectives leading to joint solutions.
» Engineering support for low-voltage switchgear
» Project planning software for Rittal
» CAD planning data for low-voltage switchgear
Rittal Modular IT Infrastructures & Data Centres
Your company's IT must meet all requirements. With "Rittal – The System" you have the best options of design security, availablity and energy efficiency for your IT.
Opt for individual infrastructure solutions or a complete data centre – with consulting, realisation and service. With Rittal you always have the choice:


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