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• Rittal Support Arm Configurator :

1.) Support section CP-C, closed (CP 6074.000, .100, .300, .500)
2.) Support section CP-C, open (CP 6075.100, .300, .500)
3.) Enclosure attachment CP-C (CP 6070.200)
4.) Housing coupling CP-C (CP 6070.000)
5.) Angle coupling 90° CP-C (CP 6071.200)
6.) Angle piece 90° CP-C (CP 6071.400)
7.) Intermediate hinge CP-C (CP 6071.800)
8.) Top-mounted joint CP-C, vertical outlet (CP 6072.800)
9.) Wall-mounted joint CP-C, vertical outlet (CP 6072.400)
10.) Top-mounted joint CP-C, horizontal outlet (CP 6072.600)
11.) Wall-mounted joint CP-C, horizontal outlet (CP 6072.500)
12.) Wall/base mounting bracket, small CP-C (CP 6072.200)
13.) Wall/base mounting bracket, large CP-C (CP 6072.000)
14.) Mounting component (CP 6073.000)

Rittal Support Arm Configurator
A companies EDP system is not always protected in a secure computer centre. Especially, decentralised systems are in great danger.
Protect your server racks and network systems against dangers such as fire, water, smoke gases and theft.
Rittal Modular Safe Configurator
Product features :
Protects against the potential of physical threat.
Modular housing installation while the IT system is in operation.
Can be extended at any time – a number of modular safes can be linked.
Variable air conditioning concepts.
Different sizes.
Optional :
- Interior surveillance
- Early fire detection
- Fire extinguishing system
- Uninterruptible power supply
Conclusion : The Modular Safe is a mini computer centre with the complete infrastructure !
Baying systems TS 8
Material / Surface finish
Material :
Sheet steel
Enclosure frame, roof, rear panel and gland plates: 1.5 mm
Door : 2.0 mm
Mounting plate : 3.0 mm
Surface finish :
Enclosure frame : Dipcoat primed
Door, roof and rear panel: Dipcoat primed, powder-coated in textured RAL 7035 on the out
Supply includes
Enclosure frame with doors, mounting plate, gland plates, rear panel and roof plate.
Protection category
IP 55 to EN 60 529, NEMA 12 is met.
Rittal TS8 Configurator
For screw fastening
Cable management
Cables may be routed and system accessories integrated within the hollow chamber of the frame section.
Power management integrated directly into the frame section. Three-phase infeed using the plug & play system, with no loss of enclosure volume.
Liquid cooling
The profile of the flexRack(i) allows integration of the inlet and return lines for targeted, safe liquid cooling.
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