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WAGO Classic Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks :

Provide order, neatness and maintenance-friendliness in the distribution panel: WAGO TOPJOB® installation multilevel and rail-mounted terminal blocks.
WAGO Classic Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks
TOPJOB® is WAGO's terminal block product line that specializes in the high demands placed on electrical installation.
Maintenance-free, no screws, and used for conductor sizes 2.5 mm² to 35 mm² - features that round out this product line.
Both the N-disconnect and the "lock-out" features make topJob easy to handle and safe during installations. This is supported by the building standards set by Rheinisch Westfälischen TÜV.
With only a 91mm length perpendicular to the carrier rail, TOPJOB®'s compact design is ideal for building installations.
WAGO Modular Terminal Blocks and Terminal Strips For Surface Mounting
Maximum Impact, Minimum Size
WAGO 2273 Series: Small is Big
The new "WAGO" is more than 50% smaller than the original 273 Series. Safe, secure and error-free connection of solid conductors is guaranteed by the transparent enclosure.
WAGO Shield Connection System
Today's industry requires that equipment have some form of electromagnetic compatibility (EMV). Minimizing sensitivity and transmission of magnetic flux provides achieves this goal. These magnetic fluxes can cause many different types of errors (frequency converter, quicker load change, etc).

Taking measurements is the only way to detect any interfering magnetic fluxes. When they are detected, precautions need to be taken such as a good grounding of the enclosure and a large area for the shielding (skin-effect when the magnetic fluxes are at high frequency). WAGO's shield system offers a broad range of very effective products. Both the EMV and the nominal values given will be controlled within the expected range. Installation at a later date is also a simple process. The WAGO shield system is insulated and can also be used as a grounding potential.



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