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• Rittal Communication Systems :

Product Overview
Product OverviewRittal's large range is available for immediate delivery.
Exemplary quality as standard.
Rittal Communication Systems
- Floor-standing enclosures, twin-walled
- Floor-standing enclosure, single-walled
- Wall-mounted and pole-mounted enclosures
- Outdoor climate control
- Fuel cells
- Indoor rack
- Outdoor system accessories
Applications : Rittal CS outdoor enclosures
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In addition to providing round-the-clock protection of valuable technology in spite of harsh environments, the enclosures must also adapt to the requirements of different application areas. As a result of an intelligent platform design, the product range of Rittal CS outdoor enclosures provides a wide variety of solutions and, at the same time, offers the advantages of quality and delivery time required for mass production.
» Energy - Efficient climate control
» Water industry - Product variety
» Telematics - A large range of accessories
» Telecommunications - System integration up to Level 4
Four aluminium enclosure types in various sizes are available for immediate delivery. To enable this, Rittal relies on the enclosure platforms of the indoor solutions that have proven themselves in extremely diverse applications. Whether it's mounting plates, 482.6 mm (19") components or a mix of add-ons, we have a production solution for (nearly) every problem.
Technology : All-weather professionals in a tough environment
Whether it's heat, cold, moisture or polluted air, Rittal outdoor aluminium enclosures are all-weather units that stand up to all environmental influences.
» Pretreatment - Corrosion protection in the long term
» Fuel cell - Efficient, independent and powerful
» Climate control - weather tested enclosure solutions
» Terravent - geothermal effects to cool and heat
» Product features: Special features (TS 8)
Thanks to the stable design and extremely resistant surface coatings, your technology has a secure housing. A high protection class – even when optimised climate control is fitted to the the enclosure – goes without saying.
By using this tool it is possible to configure matched solutions optimally for the human/machine interface. An intelligent consistency check is included so that your configuration is complete and without errors. When you have finished your configuration you can request a quotation and receive a visual display of your command panel in order to integrate it in your machine and plant design.
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Rittal Optipanel Configurator
Please select a stylish custom-made solution for the human/machine interface here. The configurator will lead you automatically through the selection process so that your configuration is complete and correct. For your complete selection you can request an offer and get a three-dimensional view to integrate it into your machine and plant design.


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